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January 2021


Dota 2: The two op heroes 7.24b

13 Mar 2020
Just a few days ago, Valve released the most recent gameplay update (7.24b). The main focus of the update was to nerf some of the most broken heroes in the game. The recent changes were even seen in the professional scene, as teams were picking a variety of heroes.

Players might criticize about same heroes every game, but everyone strives for victory at the end of the day. With that said, let us take a look at two of the most overpowered heroes in Dota 2.



Slardar is one of the most successful heroes of Dota 2 in recent times. What makes it more viable is its ability to play different roles with ease. The hero has everything necessary for a balanced draft. The best part about Slardar is that it is reliable in every part of the game.


Highly Viable abilities


The hero dominates the early game the most. Its ability to bash and stun the hero at the same time makes it broken. However, Slardar struggles a little against ranged heroes as it has to close the distance to cast his spells. It is where the first skill comes into play that grants bonus movement speed, perfect for hunting down the enemy heroes or escaping according to the situation.


Most effective Item Build


Although Slardar is playable as a core, it shines the most with support or offlane role. The most crucial item on the hero is Blink Dagger, perfect for initiating the team fight. The situational item may include Force Staff or Eul’s Scepter.


Aghanim’s Scepter is extremely viable on this hero, providing that catch it needs the most. It creates an AOE puddle of water, which provides a considerable boost of survivability through bonus armor and health regeneration. Another useful item is Assault Cuirass which benefits the entire team.


Smart way to play Slardar


Slardar has great team fight and solo kill potential, but it cannot burst a hero instantly. It is only right to play this hero with proper teamwork. Slardar’s ultimate works great against invisible and high armor heroes, and also for killing Roshan.




Snapfire recently made an appearance in the Dota scene. Just like any other new hero, dealing with her was a real pain. Moreover, Snapfire also got added in the captain’s draft, making a solid appearance in the professional scene.


In recent Patch, Snapfire was nerfed quite heavily by reducing its ultimate damage and Cookie stun duration. However, it was not enough to stop her from dominating the games.


High Damage Abilities


Snapfire was active as a carry in the beginning, but after recent changes, she is now mostly played as support. High damage spells and tanky nature make her extremely difficult to deal with during the laning phase.


Big Shotgun burst and Cookie is perfect for harassing and killing the weak enemy heroes. The exceptionally long-ranged ultimate is what makes Snapfire deadlier. It can snipe down the running enemies with relative ease.


Most effective items


Since Snapfire shines the best as support, items like Force Staff, Guardian Greeves and Pipe of Insight makes her almost invincible. There is also Rod of Atos which works quite well with her ultimate. Glimmer Cape and Eul’s Scepter are mostly items that work well in specific scenarios.


Making the most out of Snapfire


Snapfire can be used differently depending on the team compositions. High stats make her a strong laner. Given the situation, Snapfire’s overpowered ultimate when used with AOE spells like Chronosphere, Ice Blast, Black Hole, and Echo Slam can offer an insane amount of damage.


Which hero do you find the most broken in Dota 2? Please let us know.

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